Hell and Heaven are very personal definitions and I think this should carry forward to the afterlife. I’ll explain how it’d work.

Some people live their lives making other people’s lives a living hell because of the fucking sins they think those other people commit. Meanwhile other people live by the golden rule of common sense, in which you do unto others as you would have them do unto you, that is, if you don’t like people doing something, don’t fucking do it yourself, dumbass. And that’s it.

So let’s suppose two people die. One is the everything-is-a-sin type and Two is the golden rule type.

One did some bad fucking shit during his life, but he believes all is forgiven if he just confesses and repents. But no sir, when you get to the afterlife, you’ll be judged by how you lived. If you believed what you were doing was wrong, but did it anyway, you are gonna REGRET IT. Big time, mothafucka. Life is a bitch, afterlife is the bitchest to you. So you believed in hell and all that crap? You are gonna get it. You’ll be judged and condemned by those rules. I mean, it just fulfilled One’s expectations of what the afterlife was going to be.

Two did what he thought was right, made some mistakes, learned from them, but mostly followed the golden rule, didn’t believe in sins or whatnot. He gets to the afterlife, sits down with whatever deity was less busy at the time and hears: “You had a good life, I heard, tell me all about it”. And they exchange stories about the highlights of Two’s life while drinking some heavenly brewskis. Two never EXPECTED anything, he just lived on not being an asshole all his life to beg for forgiveness at the last minute.

And then there’s Three. Three just couldn’t care less. He goes on with his life regardless of gods, devils, heavens or hells, not taking score of good deeds or bad. And he gets to the afterlife, they get him to the front desk, read his file and get him whichever deity gives the lightest punishment. Or not. They couldn’t care less either.